Hades: The Long Winter Update Adds Tons of New Content

Hades: The Long Winter Update Adds Tons of New Content

Hades The Long Winter Update adds a new goddess, Underworld decor, an aspect for the Eternal Spear, and a fishing rod?

Hades launched into early access in December 2018. The rogue-like from the team at Supergiant Games has quietly become one of the most fully-featured early access games available. That said, the developers behind masterpieces like Bastion and Pyre are not quite finished polishing up Hades. Their next update, The Long Winter, drops in several new additions and a smattering of fixes. Give the new trailer a watch below.

Hades’ The Long Winter update brings Demeter, Goddess of Seasons into the game. She gives worthy players new boons that assist in your adventure out of Hell. You’ll also gain access to the aspect of Guan Yu, a unique new aspect for the Eternal Spear. Plus, Supergiant has added in a brand spanking new fishing rod, which lets you fish up all the Underworld has to offer.

The cornucopia of content doesn’t end there, however. Supergiant has completely renovated the Housing Contractor, which means tons of new items to spruce up your living quarters. There are also new story events, a legendary keepsake, and much, much more. Supergiant is also teasing a brand new weapon coming to the game on March 10. No word yet on what it will be, but rest assured that you’ll have a ton of fun learning how to use it.

Hades is out now on PC. The game was previously only available on the Epic Game Store but recently has been made available on Steam. While Hades is still very much in early access, there is more than enough content to sink your teeth into, especially with the new The Long Winter update hitting this week.