Hajimari no Kiseki Release Stream: Development Stories From Toshihiro Kondo

Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment held a special live stream for the release of Hajimari no Kiseki, out now in Japan and Asia on PS4.

By Iyane Agossah

August 26, 2020

Nihon Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment held a special live stream on August 26, celebrating the release of The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki on PS4.The stream featured Clouded Leopard Entertainment President Chen Yun Yun, Falcom Presdent Toshihiro Kondo; Two seiyuu were present as guests, Shinnosuke Tachibana (Jusis Albarea) and Masumi Asano (Noel Seeker). We heard some developments stories on Hajimari and got to see some gameplay. We’ve got a summary below.

The stream started with Toshihiro Kondo chatting about the game’s development. He jokingly mentioned how everyone at Falcom immediately regretted it when they started making Hajimari, realizing they’re making a way too big game. Kondo explained the younger developers at Falcom greatly contributed to making everything go well.

Chen Yun Yun explained how she always wanted to bring more Falcom games to Asia in the past, with simultaneous releases with Japan, but it wasn’t easy for multiple reasons. Mainly how Falcom works on its games until the last second before making them go gold. This means outside companies localizing the games tend to get them pretty late. This is one of the things which made localizing the games pretty difficult in her previous company, who couldn’t handle that. That’s why she decided to make her own company, Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Coming next up, they quickly reexplained how Hajimari no Kiseki works. Most notably the Shin Mugen Kairou / True Corridor of Reveries and how it’s a randomly generated dungeon, independent from the main game, and where you unlock and play the mini games. Unlocking them works like a gacha. You get special stones by defeating strong enemies, and use these stone to randomly get Characters Episodes and Mini games as rewards. Certain stones can also unlock special characters that aren’t playable in the main game.

The True Corridor of Reveries lets you use any character, as long as you unlock them, so you can make party combinations that are impossible in the main game. You can also use the True Corridor of Reveries to train your characters as they’ll retain everything gained there in the main story.

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Toshihiro Kondo and Chen Yun Yun also commented on some of the mini games in Hajimari. They mentioned the quiz game Kiseki de Pon is really difficult and is made for Kiseki Series otaku to fight each other on their knowledge of the series.

Beach de Vacances was also explained. Kondo mentioned how in Trails of Cold Steel, Rean could end up paired with one of the girls.  In this mini game, you control Rean and you’ll be able to play at the beach with these girls, with games like watermelon splitting. At first, it’ll only be the girls from Sen no Kiseki and with Rean. But later on DLC will add Zero and Ao no Kiseki girls and we’ll play as Lloyd instead.

Next up they explained the Magical Alisa RS game. They made this one because the Mahou Shoujo DLC costumes in the past game were really popular and many fans wanted to see them again. Moreover,  Magical Alisa RS has an actual storyline, linked with the Magical Alisa novel they published in the Falcom magazine. The RS in Magical Alisa RS means Return Shooting. Toshihiro Kondo also explained you need to progress in the True Corridor of Reveries to unlock more stages of Magical Alisa RS.

Next up, we saw the early part of Hajimari, the story prologue, which follows Lloyd’s perspective. Noel was the field character. The gameplay started at the 28:57 mark and lasted for around ten minutes:

Masumi Asano commented on Noel’s butt, saying it’s cute. Kondo said they pay a lot of attention to how each character looks from the back as that’s what you see the most .We most notably saw the tutorial for Valiant Rage and how it’s Tio explaining it in-universe to Lloyd’s party.

Following that, Masumi Asano played Magical Alisa RS on Easy Mode, and Shinnosuke Tachibana tried it on Hard Mode. Kondo joked saying it looks better than the main game. You can find that segment starting the 39:50 mark:


Lastly, Chen Yun Yun mentioned the Traditional Chinese and Hangul PC Steam versions and Hangul versions of Trails of Cold Steel I to IV. Sen no Kiseki 1 will come on January 28, 2021. Sen 2 will be in February 2021. Sen 3 will be in March 2021. And if nothing goes wrong Sen 4 will be out in April 2021. A lot of players in Asia want to play the games on Steam so they’re releasing them fast.

That’s all for this special Hajimari no Kiseki release stream.

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki released on PS4 in Japan and Asia on August 27. To celebrate the release, this week’s Famitsu magazine also includes a feature on Hajimari no Kiseki and an interview with Toshihiro Kondo. Where he most notably share some hints on the next game. We will be covering that interview soon in a separate article.

You can read more details on The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki with our past coverage. Most notably the new game engine Falcom is working on. We’re also preparing a guide translating and summarizing the game’s official site and everything Falcom revealed prior release.

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