Hajime Tabata Reveals His Newly Founded Studio JP Games

Ex-Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata reveals his newly founded studio JP Games, Inc, scheduled to launch in January 2019.

December 3, 2018

Ex-Square Enix developer Hajime Tabata revealed the logo and name of his own video games studio: JP GAMES, Inc. He made the announcement today, on his Facebook account:

I started up my own company called “JP GAMES,Inc.”

Right now, we are preparing for a target January 2019 launch.

And to everyone who has assisted me until today–I kindly ask for your ongoing support.

Square Enix shook the world at the start of November by announcing the departure of Hajime Tabata from the company and the cancellation of 3 out of 4 upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLCs, which were directed by Hajime Tabata. In his letter explaining the decision, Tabata-san had already announced he would start his own company. Meanwhile, Luminous Productions, the studio inside Square Enix which was led by Tabata-san, continues its work on the Episode Ardyn Final Fantasy XV DLC and a “new AAA title”.


As a reminder, Hajime Tabata was initially the co-director of the Final Fantasy XV project but became the director of it in December 2013, when Tetsuya Nomura left the project to focus on other games.

Now to see what kind of games JP Games will bring us. While I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of how Final Fantasy XV turned out, especially at launch, Tabata-san directed great games in the past such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP. However, whether he can accomplish that again or not will also depend on how much talent he’ll be able to hire within his new company. Hopefully, his new endeavor will bring good results to him and good games to us.

Iyane Agossah

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