Hakoniwa Company Works Gets New Trailer Showing 3D Pixel Gameplay and Crafting Elements

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Nippon Ichi Software launched a new trailer for their upcoming RPG-crafting title Hakoniwa Company Works, coming to PlayStation 4 on July 13 in Japan.

The trailer provides details on what the player can do in the game, including item collecting and hunting. Also, there is a large emphasis on crafting using the collected materials found in the game’s world.

Reminiscent of games like Minecraft and 3D Game Dot HeroesHakoniwa Company Works seems to borrow many ideas and bring them together to tell a unique story in this adorable world.

Hakoniwa Company Works tells the story of a company that connects islands around the game’s world, Cloud’s End. There are many floating islands in the sky so the company is rarely without work. The player assumes the role of the new leader of the company who partners up with a girl named Meme Kazamidori in order to take on missions and other requests.

The game features RPG mechanics, such as, job classes that can gain the player skills to use in battle and also a level-up feature for character growth. Additionally, players can build their own homes and craft furniture to add the personal decor to their personal space.

Currently, there is no word of a western release.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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