Half Life Alyx BioShock Mod Is Now Available - Here's How to Download

An incredibly detailed BioShock mod is now playable in Half Life Alyx.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

March 19, 2021

Thanks to Wim Buytaert, a VR modder, you can now install the Half Life Alyx BioShock mod and enjoy exploring the Rapture in VR.

With the new generation of consoles launched later last year, Virtual Reality platforms are also expected to start a new generation in the next few years. Although the first generation of VR platforms was not shiny enough, there were some incredible experiences available on VR over the past years, including Valve’s critically acclaimed Half Life Alyx. Aside from introducing Valve’s brand new VR headset, the game also proved that VR titles could feature entertaining gameplay and rich story if enough time and effort have been put into them.

From the time it was launched, a lot of modders started to develop their desired Virtual Reality experience in the world of Half Life Alyx. BioShock mod is surely one of the most detailed and large-scale projects based on Alyx. This 8-part story-driven mod will send you to Rapture, the under-water city of the original BioShock. While the mod recreates the iconic locations of the city, it also adds a crossover from the Half Life series by importing the Half Life enemies into the game as well.

How to Download the Half Life Alyx BioShock Mod

Hopefully, the mod is available through Steam’s workshop tab. You just need to visit the mod’s Steam page and subscribe to the creator’s channel to be able to download and install this mod on your game. The users’ reaction to the mod has been positive so far.

If you enjoy the BioShock mod, make sure to give a shot to Wim Buytaert’s horrifying Resident Evil 7 mod for Half Life Alyx as well.

Half Life Alyx is now available on HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus virtual reality headsets through Steam.

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