Valve Releases Three New Videos Showcasing Gameplay in Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is less than a month away, so Valve released three videos showing off the different VR locomotion options the game comes with.

Half-Life: Alyx is nearly upon us. Valve’s latest releases onto VR headsets via Steam on March 23. The game was previously rumored to be showing off gameplay back at The Game Awards but was seemingly pulled at the last minute. Fortunately, it appears the wait was worth it as Valve cheekily put out three new videos showcasing the different VR locomotion styles. Check them out below.

The first video gives you a look at teleportation locomotion. In this style, you point and click where you want to move. Each time you teleport, you have a very short black screen to allow your brain to reorientate itself. For newer VR users, this is going to be the most comfortable way to play. The video also shows off some of the cool physics Valve is using in Half-Life: Alyx. We see Alyx using her gun to push a headcrab out of the way and put on a construction hat (very on the nose there, Valve). It also gives a good look at how the game is using your in-game hands to display your HUD. Need to know how much life you have? Just take a look at your left hand where it’s conveniently displayed.

Next up is continuous movement. Anyone who has played Boneworks is going to be familiar with this style. New VR users might feel a bit nauseous here, but it frees up your movement quite a bit. Personally, this is the way I’ll be playing Half-Life: Alyx, as I prefer the smoother locomotion continuous movement offers. The video also has a neat sequence where Alyx throws a grenade through an opening above a door to blow up a headcrab and the lock keeping the door closed. It’s an inventive way to solve the puzzle that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

The last video gives a look at shift movement. Essentially, this is teleportation without the black screen. It allows you to move more quickly through an environment but is also more disorienting. If you aren’t comfortable with full continuous movement but want the game to feel snappier, this is the mode for you. This last video is also our best look at combat in Half-Life: Alyx. And it looks great. Seeing Alyx pop around the world and creatively use the environment to protect herself is incredible. You see her open a car door to stop a barrage of bullets and use her grab ability to save herself from an exploding grenade. The options at your disposal almost remind me of Superhot, except this version is happening in real-time. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game and try out the combat for myself.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on Steam March 23. If these three videos weren’t enough for you, IGN also has a 9-minute long gameplay video that flips between teleportation and continuous movement about halfway through. Give it a look if you need more Half-Life in your world.

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