Half-Life: Alyx Mod Lets Players Explore the Iconic P.T Corridors

Half-Life: Norman

P.T. was personally one of the creepiest horror games to feature a corridor as a focal point. While it’s been 6 years since the launch of Kojima Productions’ psychological horror game that acted as a “playable teaser” —hence the name P.T— fans still gush over to this day. And to ramp up the horror experience, the level seems to have been created using Valve’s Source 2 engine that runs the newly launched Half-Life: Alyx.

AmbientDruth, the creator of the Half-Life: Alyx addon that’s available in the Workshop for owners of the game is actively working on the P.T level. This doesn’t appear to just be a small level either, as there’s a looping corridor that eventually transitions into the red corridor. There’s a talking paper bag, and there’s also the haunting Lisa audio present.

There are plans to add more to the addon that is currently 221.480 MB. Future plans include more triggers for events, punishments for “bad deeds”, improved textures, longer hallways, and more. The looping corridor is apparently achieved by using teleports, and the majority of the event triggers to lead you towards the end of the level are said to be located in the bathroom. It’s also detailed that this map is AmbientDruth’s first foray into uploading a Half-Life: Alyx mod, however, has experience with creating mods for Garry’s Mod.

While there’s no official video showing the P.T map off, there is the above video which shows how the map plays out. It gives you a good idea of how it works but adds that lovely Valve physics touch so you can go around grabbing and yanking everything.

This isn’t the first time P.T has been ported to VR, a college student had already recreated the game by using the Unreal Engine. It’d also be fantastic I think if there was a mirror that showed your character model as Norman Reedus, a little throwback to something players discovered not too long ago.

Half-Life: Alyx is available for PC.

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