Half Life: Alyx Soundtrack Now Available on Streaming Services

Only the first chapter of the Half Life: Alyx soundtrack is available for now, but fear not, the rest will be coming soon.

Half Life: Alyx released a couple of months ago, rocking the gaming world to its core. It brought Half Life back into the gaming spotlight as if it had never even left. But that fantastic Half Life quality gameplay wasn’t the only thing this iteration in the series brought back. Half Life: Alyx also saw the resurrection of one of the series’ greatest features – its soundtrack. And now, that soundtrack is available to you on Spotify and Apple Music, or if you’ve got the cash to spend, you can buy it on the Steam Store.

So far, only the OST of the game’s first chapter is available. However, that comes with 21 minutes’ worth of music that brings back the series’ auditory staples. None of the music you’ll find here is “light” or “happy.” Nearly every track in this nine-song-long trip of an album is haunting and alien. Its heavy synths pound and beat on your ears, instilling that tension of getting into a firefight with the Combine or exploring through long-abandoned city ruins.

The one standout track from this album is Thirty Seven After Six, a slow, almost melancholic piano piece. Compared to the 26-second-long drone of Construction Strider or the retro-futuristic beeps and bloops of From Here to There in Under a Second, it’s one of the more “normal” tracks.

If you’re wondering where the rest of the game’s music is off to, don’t worry, it will be arriving soon. In a Tweet from its official account, Valve said that the remainder of the game’s music is “on its way.” For convenience’ sake, if you purchase the album or add it on your streaming service of choice, it will update automatically as new chapters are added.

The first chapter of the Half Life: Alyx soundtrack is free on Spotify provided you’ve made an account, same with Apple Music. If you want to own a digital copy of the album though, you’ll have to pony $10 up on the Steam Store.

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