Half-Life Remaster Black Mesa is Heading Out of Beta Soon

Half-Life Remaster Black Mesa is Heading Out of Beta Soon

It's time to relive the beginning of Gordon Freeman's adventure.

Black Mesa, the Half-Life 1 remaster that originally debuted in 2015, is finally getting its full release out of beta.

In their latest update for the game developer Crowbar Collective excitedly announced the news. “After lots of internal and external testing,” the post says, “we will patch the build as needed, and finally, FINALLY (FINALLY!!!) release Black Mesa out of Early Access!” Post-release, the roadmap for the game includes bug fixing, polishing art and continual support for Steam Workshop.

Black Mesa‘s latest update added Xen, the Vortiguant homeworld, to the full game. It had been previously available in public beta but was polished enough to move to the main release, completing the game. From a player’s perspective, Black Mesa has come a long way since its release half a decade ago. Back then, it was the closest thing Half-Life fans had to Half-Life 3. Now with the upcoming release of Half-Life: Alyx, it seems like there will be no shortage of Half-Life content in the coming year.

Unfortunately as of yet, there is no release date for the full release of Black Mesa. That being said, you’ll be able to keep track of the game’s updates here, on its Steam Page. And if you’re interested in what a modern remake of Xen looks like, you can see a trailer for the world below.