Half Life Fans May Gravitate Towards This New Gordon Freeman Figure

Maybe this Gordon Freeman figure will help Half Life fans with the wait for Half Life 3.

Some Half Life fans may be excited about the recently announced Half Life: Alyx because it’s a new entry for the franchise. Others may be infuriated that they have waited twelve years for a new game in the series that isn’t Half Life 3 or that it is a VR exclusive title. That being said I’m pretty sure every fan will appreciate this super sick and customizable figure of Gordon Freeman that is coming out early next year.

This 1/6 Gordon Freeman figure is being sold through Mondo and includes a variety of weapons such as a shotgun, pistol, frag grenades, and pheropod along with the iconic crowbar and gravity gun (which lights up!). There are seven interchangeable hands as well as a stand that can be used to model the figure into different poses. Additionally, Mondo is selling an exclusive version that has a headcrab figure along with everything normally included for the same price of $200.

Pre-orders are available now and the figure is aiming to release in March 2020 alongside Half Life: Alyx. Mondo ships worldwide so if you don’t live in the United States no need to worry. Except Half Life 3 which is something that you should probably worry about. Hopefully, there is now some newfound hope that it will eventually become a reality.


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