“Half” of Infinity Ward Thinks Call of Duty Dog Riley Should Actually Die, and He Might

“Half” of Infinity Ward Thinks Call of Duty Dog Riley Should Actually Die, and He Might

Now that Microsoft did the epic (and just slightly hilarious) 180 on DRM, there are going to be a lot less memes about the Xbox One (who am I kidding? They still have TV TV TV and Kinect…), so Call of Duty: Ghosts’ valiant special forces dog Riley is going to grab a lot more attention from our resident trolls.

Fans and trolls have been divided on whether the new “emotional attachment” expedient devised by Infinity Ward should meet an untimely end during the game or should survive to its bitter end.

Apparently, as revealed by Infinity Ward Community Manager Tina Palacios as part of an interview on Rock Paper Shotgun, the studio is divided as well on poor Riley’s fate.

You know what’s funny about that is, we were all watching the Xbox One reveal event in our theater. And after we got the reaction in real-time – we didn’t expect any of this at all, by the way – the studio became divided. Half of them said, ‘OK, the dog absolutely has to die.’ And then the other half – I’m on this half – said, ‘Whoa, no way! People love him.’ It’s a constant debate, but we do have an answer.

While I’m not really sure about the “people love him” notion, as many seem to “love to hate” the relatively innocent pet, looks like he’s been divisive internally as much as he has been between fans (and haters). Unfortunately it seems that his fate — whatever it might be — has already been decided.

So, how do you feel about the solid possibility of Riley meeting tragic death? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

One thing is for sure: personally. even if Riley was to really die, I doubt I’ll feel for him as strongly as I felt for other relevant deaths in video games, especially one in Valkyria Chronicles, for instance. If you played the game, you know what I mean. If you didn’t, you should.