Everything You Need to Know to Have a Very Hearthstone Halloween

Everything You Need to Know to Have a Very Hearthstone Halloween

Hearthstone's Hallow's End event is granting players a treat and a lot of tricks including new Tavern Brawls available now till October 31.

If you’re a fan of Blizzard titles you may already know just how important Halloween is for games like Overwatch or World of Warcraft. It’s a time to earn special spooky unlocks and rewards for a limited time, and for Hearthstone–“Hallow’s End” brings with it two Tavern Brawls, costume party Arena runs, and two new monster-themed single-player experiences from October 17-31.

If log on anytime between now and Halloween, you’ll receive a golden version of the Witch’s Cauldron card and a free arena run. The card, though aptly themed, is pretty awful. Witch’s Cauldron sees use in about 0.37 percent of all decks according to HearthPwn. The free arena run, however, is equivalent to about $1.99 so there’s a treat for you!

Speaking of Arena, there’s a party going on. The Great Hallow’s End Arena Costume Party (the name could use some work) is open and anyone who attends will not only pick their class but also their hero power. Then, players will be able to draft cards from both the deck of the hero and from the class that uses that hero power. No one said this was going to be balanced, but it sounds like a great opportunity to win yourself some easy rewards if you’re lucky. You can check out Blizzard’s blog post on the event if you’re unclear on how this works.

Two new Tavern Brawls are being added as well. Monster Smash will be available from October 17-22. In it, players will return to the Witchwood but this time–they’re the monsters. You’ll have the chance to play as many of the monsters you faced in the Witchwood expansion’s single-player mode.

The Headless Horseman Rides Again (Tavern Brawl) will run from October 24-29 and will task players with getting in costume to defeat the Headless Horseman. Costumes will be assigned after the Brawl begins, so you might not know what to expect. Also, each costume has its own custom deck as well as a passive hero power.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Hearthstone celebration without a card pack bundle so Blizzard is introducing the “Hallow! Hallow!” bundle. It includes 20 card packs as well as Sir Annoy-O: a new Paladin Hero. You may recognize him from the screams in your subconscious “HELLO HELLO HELLO.” The bundle will cost you $19.99 so it’s a pretty good deal if you missed out on the Witchwood expansion and need some cards to round out your deck. I also can imagine wanting to play as Sir Annoy-O just to…irk the competition.

Hearsthone is currently available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can read more about why it hasn’t come to the Nintendo Switch here.