Halloween-Themed Content Coming to Grand Theft Auto Online; Includes New Game Mode

on October 25, 2016 12:24 PM

Rockstar Games today announced special Halloween content coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this Friday.

Pictured above, on Oct. 28 players will be able to take a new version of the LCC Sanctus motorcycle for a spin. The bike features a red-eyed skull in the front, so everyone can see how badass you are.

GTA Online’s new update will add a new mode called Lost vs. Damned, in which players face off in teams of angels and devils. The mode features a day and night cycle that changes every 60 seconds. During the day, team angels will receive better weapons and increased armor and health; team devils will reap the same benefits at night.

Rockstar will announce more content when the Halloween update arrives, but we do know content from last year’s event will return.

Players who log in to GTA Online from now through Oct. 31 will receive $250,000 worth of in-game cash. The easy money will show up by Nov. 4, giving everyone money to spend during GTA Online’s two-year anniversary sale, which is currently running until Nov. 7.

See what’s on sale below on Rockstar’s website.actual_ecf68e881837e52038bd8554bc97fa5d2f47d7ee

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