Halo 3 Sound Design Included Smashing the Original Xbox With Hammers

Halo 3 Sound Design Included Smashing the Original Xbox With Hammers

Several Xbox consoles were harmed for the audio creation of Halo 3.

Halo Infinite is due to launch later this year sometime alongside the new Xbox Series X. As the months go on, we keep seeing short clips of the audio process behind the upcoming Halo title, such as recording pugs, guns, and vehicles. But what about taking a trip back to the past?

Martin O’Donnell, a composer well known for his music in popular video games such as Halo, and Destiny has released an old behind-the-scenes video that shows off the audio recording process for Halo 3.

Martin was the director for voice talent and sound design in many of the Halo titles. And as it happens, some of those sound effects in Halo 3 were created by hammering original Xbox consoles. There are also some clips of them using the consoles weird grooves and scraping it across a brick. If you want to see the brutal hammering of the original Xbox console then skip over to 1:05 in the video below.

The rest of the video introduces numerous ways that the sound design team recorded foley audio. A car was used to give sound to the Mongoose vehicle, we see the music being recorded by numerous musicians, there are even some clips of the voice acting taking place. A touch weird when you see humans voicing aliens. What’s more, we get to see some celebrities featured in the video, including Ron Perlman, Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackhoff,  John DiMaggio, Nolan North, Jen Taylor, and more.

My favorite moment of the video is where we see the anatomy of the sounds at the 13:14 mark. The clip shows different layers of sounds, from particle effects, object sounds, combat dialogue, and loads more. All layered together to bring a truly dramatic video game scene. If you’re interested in even more Halo sound-related content, William uploaded another behind the scenes video a few weeks ago that focuses on the audio creation for the second game.

While Halo Infinite is still a way off from release, you can jump into the older titles through the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.