Halo 3 "Happy Birthday" Easter Egg Discovered Nearly Seven Years After Game's Release

By Ryan Meitzler

July 10, 2014

While Bungie has been known for crafting its excellent games like the Halo series and the upcoming Destiny, but even more so they are known for being quite the pranksters and hiding many easter eggs and fun, discoverable jokes and items inside their games: in case, some that don’t get discovered until years afterward.

After Bungie was hinting at a particular easter egg in Halo 3 that happens only on a specific day, YouTube user Lord Zedd finally discovered the much-rumored easter egg and uploaded a video of it in action to YouTube. Once a specific day is reached (or manually input into the Xbox’s date/time settings) for December 25, the loading screen for Halo 3 reveals a secret message inside of its ring reading, “Happy Birthday Lauren!” – the message came from former Bungie programmer Adrian Perez, who mentioned it was hidden there for his wife.

You can check out the full video of the long-hidden Halo 3 easter egg below, and make sure to wish Lauren a “Happy Birthday!” once December 25th rolls around:

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