Halo 3 Player Continues to Turn The Game Into a Platformer

Halo 3 Player Continues to Turn The Game Into a Platformer

Halo 3 Trick Jumper ClearlyMe is at it again with another completely useless but impressive trick jump

I wrote about ClearlyMe and their insane jumps in Halo 3 earlier this month, but here we are again. The trick jumper has put together a new clip, proving that with enough time and effort, the classic Halo title can be turned into a platformer.

Halo 3 players may remember Rat’s Nest, a large sprawling map set inside a UNSC base. There’s a bit of the map though that peeks out from the mountainside facility, giving players a view of a Pelican landing pad, although it’s pretty far out of reach. Not for ClearlyMe though. Using a rocket, a grenade and some debris, they’ve managed to hopscotch across a massive pit and over an invisible wall to stand where no other Spartan has stood before, at least outside of Forge mode.

In all, this may be one of ClearlyMe’s most impressive jumps yet. Not only did it require precise timing, but their aim also had to be perfect. The rocket had to blow up that security barrier in just the right way, and that plasma grenade had to send a traffic cone in the same direction to be jumped off of without looking at it. I don’t want to imagine the countless hours that went into getting all of these moving parts into place.

If you want to see more of ClearlyMe’s trick jumps, you can follow them on Twitter or check out their YouTube channel here, where they upload trick jump montages as well.