Halo 5: Guardians Infinity's Armory Available Now, Full Patch Notes Released

Content has been continuously rolling in for Halo 5: Guardians since it launched in October of 2015, including numerous new maps, armors and weapons. The latest wave of  updates hit just this afternoon, dubbed “Infinity’s Armory”.

The patch runs at an install size of 3.3 GB on the Xbox One hardrive and and adds a great deal of new REQs and maps for both Warzone Assault and Arena. Read on for a full list of what’s included:


  • New Arena map Riptide added
  • New Warzone Assault map Urban added
  • Over 50 new REQs including weapons, armor, emblems, and more have been added
  • Modified color of Blue Team in multiplayer to improve Red vs Blue balance
  • Increased Warzone REQ Leveling speed
  • Increased Warzone weapon despawn time from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Fixed exploits on Overgrowth that allowed players to get out of normal map boundaries
  • Fixed map holes on Recurve, Basin, and Deadlock
  • Fixed issues with Trident that allowed players to shoot through certain walls
  • Added Line of Sight toggle option for use in custom games, such as Octagon
  • The option to change teams has been added to the pause menu in custom games

Additionally, the update includes a number of fixes and balances, ranging in size. Halo Waypoint has detailed the changes as follows:


  • Fixed “fast fall” and “slide boost” exploits
  • Reduced the zoom time of the SPNKr Rocket Launchers
  • Increased brightness of the Classic BR scope
  • Reduced melee damage while boarding Wraiths and Scorpions
  • Sword of the Faithful Beam Rifle now kills with a headshot
  • Fixed issue where Maintain Sprint being toggled off didn’t allow players to slide when sprinting

User Interface:

  • Spartan Rank Progress now appears under all players’ nameplate
  • Active Roster updated to show whether or not friends are joinable and/or can be spectated
  • Rarity is displayed for REQs in Spartan HUB Customization
  • Players can now see equipped customization items from Spartan Appearance, Spartan ID, and Weapon Skins rather than going to each individual menu screen

Halo 5: Guardians is currently available exclusively on the Xbox One.

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