Halo 5: Guardians Memories of Reach Update Will Bring Matchmaking Changes, New Post Game Report, and Infection

Developer 343 Industries has revealed details on some new features and changes the upcoming Memories of Reach update will add to .

Matchmaking preferences will be added to Arena and Warzone playlist selection, allowing you to swap between three options when looking for a match.

  • Balanced (default): Search for a match based on your fireteam’s skill and network connection quality.
  • Expanded: Widen search parameters to find the first available match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality.
  • Focused: Narrow search to find the best match based on your fireteam’s skill and connection. Search times may be longer than normal.

The Balanced setting is the one that has been used since launch, so if you have any worries about making unnecessary changes to your searches, just leave it on that option.

The Post Game Carnage Report (PGCR) will also see changes. The new screen will have an overview of the rewards, commendations, and medals earned during the match. You can also view any player’s top medals on the stat table. Highlighting and pressing A on any player will bring up a Player Recap screen which will show you:

  • All Medals earned from the match, including quantity, medal rarity, and description
  • Tool of Destruction
  • Killed Most (see who each player killed most, and how many times)
  • Killed By (see who each player fell victim to the most, and how many times)
  • Press LB or RB to view Commendations or Progress from your Recap
  • Press LT or RT to view Recaps of other players from the match.

Some player movement changes will also be added in the update, as Spartan Charge would sometimes not register an enemy on the edge of your reticule on the horizontal plane. Speed Boost will no longer allow a Spartan Charge to be a one-hit kill, and neither will wielding a Gravity Hammer. Crouch speed has also been increased just a bit to increase its effectiveness.

The long awaited Infection playlist will be included and we now have the list of Infection Medals and their criteria which you can read below

  • Zombie Hunter – “Kill 5 Zombies without dying”
  • Zombie Slayer – “Kill 10 Zombies without dying”
  • Hell’s Janitor – “Kill 15 Zombies without dying”
  • Hell Jumper – “Kill 20 Zombies without dying”
  • Zombicide – “Kill 25 Zombies without dying”
  • The Cure – “Kill 30 Zombies without dying”
  • Infector – “Infect 2 Survivors without dying”
  • Carrier – “Infect 3 Survivors without dying”
  • Ravager – “Infect 4 Survivors without dying”
  • Plague Bearer – “Infect 5 Survivors without dying”
  • Lord of the Flies – “Infect 6 Survivors without dying”
  • Last Man Standing – “Be the last man standing in a game of Infection”
  • Infected – “Infect a survivor”
  • Ancient One – “Survive an entire round as a Zombie and convert at least one Survivor”
  • Survived – “Live through the Zombie Apocolypse”
  • Resourceful – “Kill a Zombie when all of your weapons are empty”
  • Stalker – “Assassinate a Zombie”
  • Flatline – “Kill the last man standing in a game of Infection”

We also have a teaser of Stasis, the new Arena map, in the form of concept art and some official images which you can view in the image gallery at the bottom of this post (its the one with all the ice).

Lastly, a Memories of Reach live stream will be taking place on the Halo channel Wednesday, May 11 at 3 PM Pacific Time.

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