Halo 5: Guardians’ Next Arena Map Teased and Fall Season Previewed by 343 Industries

on August 20, 2016 12:33 PM

In an update to the Halo Waypoint, developer 343 Industries has shared some new details about upcoming updates to Halo 5: Guardians. These include a new Arena map, new REQ weapon, a fall season preview, and the content browser for Forge.

The Assault Preview playlist will return for a feedback period, and the mode will come to Coliseum, Statis, and Tyrant.

Some maps have undergone changes that will be introduced during the Fall 2016 Season, including The Rig, Riptide, Overgrowth, Regret, Plaza, Coliseum, and the list of changes can be found below:

The Rig changelist:

  • Boltshot removed from Yellow Corner
  • DMR replaces Battle Rifle in Cargo
  • Battle Rifle replaces Carbine at Lookout
  • Shotgun replaces Scattershot in Basement
  • Swapped out Frag Grenades at Pit with Splinter Grenades
  • Swapped out Splinter Grenades in Bottom Nest with Frag Grenades
  • Added a Song of Peace Suppressor to Back Rail
  • (Strongholds only) Sniper Rifle replaces Railgun in Tower Two

Riptide changelist:

  • Adjusted starting spawns to be more equidistant from power weapons
  • Added Active Camouflage to bottom mid
  • Replaced the Hydra with the Plasma Caster
  • Removed the Storm Rifle by Blue Tree House
  • Moved the Storm Rifle in water room to the bottom floor next to the broken water main
  • Removed the Battle Rifle
  • Moved the H2 Battle Rifle to the old Storm Rifle location in the Water Room
  • Replaced DMRs with Recon DMRs
  • Moved the DMR out of Blue Room and placed below stage
  • Removed Suppressor

Overgrowth changelist:

  • Adjusted starting spawns to be more equidistant from power weapons
  • Moved Active Camouflage from Tram to Bog (Strongholds only)
  • Removed Suppressor
  • Added Brute Plasma Rifle to Plaza
  • Moved Pit Stronghold from Bog to Truck
  • Renamed Tram Stronghold to Yard
  • Moved Yard stronghold position to be on top of the car
  • Adjusted Yard stronghold boundary to better encompass the surrounding area

Regret changelist:

  • Replaced Needler with Storm Rifle at Bottom Nest
  • Replaced Storm Rifle with Scattershot at Tunnel
  • Moved BR’s from Blue/Red Ledge into Blue/Red Two
  • Placed Plasma Grenades on Blue/Red Ledge

Plaza changelist:

  • Replaced Hydra with Frag Grenades at Tunnel
  • Replaced Frag Grenades with Scattershot at Underbridge
  • Replaced SMG with silenced SMG at Plaza
  • Replaced SMG with Storm Rifle at Tram
  • Removed Storm Rifle from Bottom Mid
  • Removed Splinter Grenade from Yellow Pipes
  • Added Splinter Grenade to Bottom Mid (under bridge)
  • Added Splinter Grenade to Elevator

Coliseum changelist:

  • Replaced Scattershot with Energy Sword at Trench
  • Replaced Suppressor with Brute Plasma Rifle at Top Mid
  • Added player collision on the red wing to better balance out red/blue bases
  • Added projectile collision in blue cave to create more predictable grenade bounces
  • (Assault Only) Overshield replaces the Energy Sword in Trench

In the image gallery below you can also view two images for the upcoming Content Broswer for Halo 5‘s Forge mode, two pieces of concept art for an upcoming Arena map, and a look at some new REQ cards/weapons as well.

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