Halo 5: Guardians Receives Major Campaign Balance Update and Arena Refresh

Halo 5: Guardians Receives Major Campaign Balance Update and Arena Refresh

Although it has been several months since Halo 5: Guardians’ release in October, developer 343 Industries is still tinkering away on both the multiplayer and single player aspects. A new, and major, balance update has come for the campaign, one that fixes difficulty issues during the final Warden fight.

The Warden fight on higher difficulties was something 343 received a lot of feedback about, but was not the only issue in the single player campaign. Two player cooperative difficulty, Covenant versus Forerunner encounters, vehicles sections, and Squad AI when more than one player character is down have been addressed. You can read the full update below.

  • Reduced two-player difficulty slightly
  • Increased single player difficulty slightly
  • Made Warden attacks a little easier to dodge, particularly on lower difficulties
    • Face Beam tracks moving targets less accurately
    • Gravity Bomb has less homing
    • Melee attack has slightly less range
  • Made the Warden slightly easier to kill from the front
  • Reduced AI Focus Turret damage output
  • Reduced AI Storm Rifle, Suppressor and Light Rifle effectiveness
    • AI Storm Rifle: fires in shorter bursts, projectiles spread out more and move more slowly. Jackals are now less effective than Elites with the Storm Rifle
    • AI Suppressor: fires in longer bursts, projectiles have less homing. Crawlers are now less effective than Soldiers with the Suppressor
    • AI now fire shorter bursts with the Light Rifle
  • Increased AI Plasma Pistol, Needler and Beam Rifle effectiveness
    • AI Plasma Pistol: slightly higher accuracy and damage
    • AI Needler: AI now fire longer bursts (i.e. can now supercombine players on Heroic and above), slightly higher damage
    • AI Beam Rifle: slightly more damage (mostly this will make it a two-shot kill instead of a three-shot kill in Heroic single player, allowing Jackal Snipers to actually kill a player from time to time)
  • Added a “tackle” animation to Sword Elites – shoutout to Pat Gillette for making the sweet sword tackle animation
    • Instead of stopping to swing at a moving target they can swing on the move
  • Increased Elite, Elite Officer and Soldier Officer durability
  • Reduced Soldier bamf frequency
  • Killing a Crawler now deals area-of-effect damage to all nearby enemies, softening them up or killing them outright
  • Reduced frequency of Squad AI getting killed while in a gunner’s turret in a player’s vehicle
  • Made being killed by an attached Plasma Grenade non-revivable, similar to lethal damage from a Binary Rifle
  • Increased AI special ability chance with higher player count in co-op games, e.g. Plasma Pistol overcharge, grenade throw
  • Increased AI promotion chance with player count in co-op games
    • i.e. in cooperative games you will encounter more high-ranked enemies where promotion paths exist (most noticeable with Grunts, Elites, Jackals and Crawlers)
  • The first player to press the “Call for Help” now has priority, other players will have to wait their turn for a revive – shoutout to Mr. Robert Kingsley for the code fix for this

Arena has been updated with some weapon placements and spawn timing.

  • Coliseum no longer has Binary Rifles, the Sniper and Rocket Launcher pads are now swapped, and the Suppressor is at the bottom of the Grav Lift.
  • Fathom’s SAW now only has one magazine and its spawn time is 2 minutes compared to the previous 3 minutes.
  • Empire’s Tower One not has the shotgun, and the Plasma Pistol has moved to the small street in between “Tower” and “Pit.”

Fiesta modes are now available in Custom Games, Infection is currently in play-testing for 12-player matches, and you can see teases of some Infection maps below.