Halo Infinite Box Art Unveiled Prior to Campaign Gameplay Stream

My god, it's beautiful.

Just one day before Halo Infinite’s big campaign gameplay footage is set to be revealed, 343 Industries and Microsoft today revealed the box art for the upcoming shooter, and it looks excellent.

The latest key art for Halo Infinite was shared on social media this morning and it prominently features the franchise’s iconic protagonist, Master Chief, standing in front of a vast landscape. The art is somewhat reminiscent of past looks that we’ve seen for the game, and it continues to indicate that Infinite might be taking the series in a more open-ended area.

You can find the box art in full in the following tweet:

The image itself also contains quite a few hidden details as well. For starters, Master Chief has a reflection in his visor which seems to indicate that he’s meant to be standing in front of some sort of enemy. Many Halo sleuths in the replies of the image seem to believe that he is looking at the brute, Hyperius.

Additionally, on Chief’s left arm, you can see that he has some sort of new attachment equipped. Rumors in recent days have stated that Master Chief will have a grappling hook at his disposal in Halo Infinite, and this attachment definitely looks to be just that.

All in all, while it’s just box art, Halo Infinite definitely seems to be taking things back to the roots of the franchise when it comes to art direction. Hopefully, the game itself can live up to the high expectations that many seem to have for it.

We’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Halo Infinite tomorrow when the Xbox Series X Games Showcase kicks off at 9:00am PDT/12:00pm PDT.

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