Halo Infinite Credits Will Be Earnable from Season 2

Halo Infinite becomes more rewarding!

January 23, 2022

Once Season 2 begins, you will be able to earn Halo Infinite Credits by playing the game, which means you purchase your favorite cosmetics without spending anything, but time.

Since its launch, the multiplayer section of Halo Infinite has received a significant backlash from players due to its unfair Battle Pass progression that would require players to grind so much to finally complete the levels.

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Hopefully, 343 Industries listened carefully to the fans, and boosted the Battle Pass progression over time, while adding a little bit more free rewards. But this is not the end as the development team is eager to create a more user-friendly experience for players.

You Can Earn Halo Infinite Credits for Free!

Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, recently shared a new tweet, revealing that from Season 2, players will be able to earn in-game Credits in Halo Infinite with no need to spend anything. In case you are not familiar with the game, Credits is the name for the in-game currency in Halo Infinite‘s in-game store.

It’s yet to be seen how the developers are planning to distribute Credits in Halo Infinite. Currently, the Battle Pass progression is tied to completing the challenges, and it’s expected that players earn a small amount of Credits as well by completing those challenges.

Hook promised to share more details around this upcoming improvement in the near future.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Playing it on consoles will require no subscription to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold. On the other hand, PC users can either download it through the Xbox App or Steam.

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