Halo Infinite Development Discussed in New 343 Industries Video

343 Industries has released a new cinematic detailing the studio's work on Halo Infinite and more.

343 Industries today released a new video talking about the studio’s ongoing work on the Halo franchise. In the process, the video also shed some light on the ongoing development of the upcoming installment in the series, Halo Infinite.

For the most part, this video focuses largely on what 343 Industries does as a whole, rather than just solely on the current work that is being done on Infinite. The video features discussions by studio head Bonnie Ross in addition to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talking about the Halo series and why it is important. Spencer himself says that he believes without Halo, the Xbox brand as a whole wouldn’t still be around today.

As for what is discussed in the video related to Halo Infinite, 343 touches on the game’s new Slipspace engine and how it is changing the future of the series. This new engine, which is the first engine change that the Halo series has ever seen since its inception, will not only make the game much more gorgeous from a visual perspective, but it was designed to make the jobs of the developers at 343 Industries much easier. Ross herself has previously described Slipspace as one of the biggest commitments that 343 has ever made as a studio.

The only downside to the video, especially if you’ve been eagerly awaiting to see some Halo Infinite footage, is that there’s nothing new to see here. It’s not a surprise whatsoever, but 343 Industries is still opting to keep a tight lid on Infinite and as of this writing, we’ve seen no actual gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel.

Likely the best part of the video, at least in my opinion, is that it briefly features a few different looks at Steve Downes, the voice of Master Chief, in the studio recording new lines for Halo Infinite. We even hear Downes speak at one point for a quick second, but the line he says isn’t anything new. Instead, it’s a line that we heard Master Chief say in last year’s E3 2019 trailer for the game.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer to see Halo Infinite in action. The game has been in the public consciousness for almost two years at this point and it seems like Microsoft and 343 will surely show off more of Infinite in action later this year alongside more information on the Xbox Series X platform. Assuming Microsoft doesn’t hold its own separate event for the Xbox Series X in the early part of this year, E3 2020 seems like the most likely location in which we could hear more about the forthcoming console and the next installment in the Halo series.

Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a release date, but it’s slated to arrive later this year alongside the Xbox Series X console. In addition, the game will also be simultaneously releasing on Xbox One and PC.

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