Halo Infinite Forge Mode Will Have a Weapon-Combining Feature Based on Leaked Footage


Combine your favorite weapons and create a new super weapon with extraordinary power.

June 19, 2022

According to some leaked footage from a Halo Infinite Forge Mode programming representation, there will be a weapon-combining feature, allowing players to create new super weapons.

Halo Infinite‘s Forge Mode is yet to be launched and we haven’t received a proper trailer or announcement so far, but recent footage leaked from the mode’s internal presentation showcases a brand new feature that does look promising!

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Forge mode will apparently arrive with an ability to allow players to combine the functionality of different weapons, resulting in the creation of new super weapons with some incredible power and utility.


The footage above already shows off some of the interesting combinations between different weapons. You can combine BR with Skewer to create an extra powerful assault rifle that explodes vehicles, or you can combine Plasma Pistol with Disruptor to create huge shockwaves, or you can literally turn Sentinel Beam into a Gravity Gun by combining it with Skewer.

All of the combinations we have witnessed in the leaked footage showcase a pair of weapons becoming a super weapon, but it remains unknown where you can combine more than two weapons or just create an ultra super weapon by combining two super weapons.

Currently, fans are looking forward to playing Halo Infinite Season 3 later this year, which will also include the arrival of the Forge mode. Also, the game still lacks a co-op campaign mode, which is supposed to get a beta test next month.

343 Industries hopes they could earn the community’s trust back in the case of post-launch content with Season 3, but the game doesn’t have a big number of players at the moment despite featuring a free-to-play multiplayer section.

Halo Infinite Season 3 is supposed to be available on November 8, featuring the game’s first Battle Royale experience.

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