Halo Infinite Grappling Hook Will Also be Present in Multiplayer

Halo Infinite's upcoming multiplayer mode will still feature some of the same pickups from the campaign, just implemented in different ways.

There’s been a whole lot of new information and footage regarding Halo Infinite that has come about today, but one aspect of the game that we have yet to learn about is in relation to the multiplayer. That said, while 343 Industries has largely focused on just the single-player content in the next-gen shooter, it did confirm some very small details about the PvP aspect.

Over on the Halo website, 343’s studio head Chris Lee confirmed in a blog post that some of the new items featured in the campaign demo for Infinite will be making their way over to multiplayer. Specifically, Master Chief’s new grappling hook — which is formally called the “Grappleshot” — in addition to the new “Drop Wall” will both be able to be utilized in the online component of the title. However, Lee did specifically state that their use in multiplayer will differ compared to how you might use them in the campaign.

“And yes, these new additions to the sandbox will also carry over to multiplayer, however they’ll function a bit differently as equipment items that can be picked up on the map,” Lee said simply. “We look forward to talking more about multiplayer details soon.”

Considering that Halo as a series has always had multiplayer that is focused on power weapon pickups, it’s not too surprising to hear that the Drop Wall and Grappleshot will be implemented in a similar manner. Assuming that the grappling hook, in particular, ends up being as cool to utilize against other players as it seems to be against AI foes, it could be a ton of fun. I know that I for one would love to hookshot onto a man and attach a grenade to his face. That seems kind of cool.

Anyway, Halo Infinite is coming out later this year on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X. Let’s hope that 343’s aim to make it the future for Halo as a whole pans out.

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