Halo Infinite Holiday 2021 Release Window Leak From Amazon Debunked

Tom Warren at The Verge followed up on a supposed Halo Infinite release window listed on Amazon, claiming a mistake on Amazon's part.

The biggest question on Xbox fans’ minds since the Halo: Infinite recent delay following its lukewarm reception at Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcase is “When can we play it?”. Naturally, just like everything else on our minds, like “What is Nintendo doing this year?” or “How much will a PS5 cost?” the internet, specifically Amazon (among other retailers) likes to accidentally spread misinformation.

This all started when Amazon’s official Xbox Series X page included an ad for Halo: Infinite that said that the title was coming in Holiday 2021. After the Amazon page was pointed out by Twitter user Wario64, Tom Warren at The Verge followed up on the supposed leak by saying that it was a mistake on Amazon’s side.

Since the Tweet went out, the Amazon page has been updated to say that Master Chief’s next outing is scheduled to release in 2021, rather than a specific time frame within 2021. That’s about all the information that Microsoft and 343 Industries had already put out there, so it seems fairly reliable all things considered.

Calling out fake leaks and unreliable listings aren’t anything new for Warren. In fact, he’s currently one of the leading Xbox insiders who’s correctly shared and predicted many announcements during this summer’s slate of announcements. Most recently, he even supposedly leaked a spec sheet for Microsoft’s worst-kept secret; the Xbox Series S. Not only the Xbox Series S has been hinted at and talked about by insiders, but recently leaked controllers are also described as compatible with the Series S.

While Amazon and Tom Warren are both relatively reliable sources for this sort of information, we’ve seen time and time again that nothing — and I mean nothing — is set in stone until Microsoft or 343 makes an announcement.

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