How To Mute Players in Halo Infinite

Volume down, focus up!

November 17, 2021

Find out how to mute players and get ready to fight in Halo Infinite.

Many of us have been eagerly awaiting the chance to play Halo Infinite, the player base and community has grown rapidly so far.

Although playing with people all around the world sounds like a great idea, at times it can be slightly tedious. No doubt most have fun into their fair share of bullying online.

If you haven’t had a bad experience via comms, chances are you’ve likely had someone on your team blasting music through the mic or something of the sort. Here’s how you can prevent that.

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

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Halo Infinite How To Mute Players

As mentioned above, online gaming can be a challenge at times when it comes to having to interact with those you’re against or even members of your team.

Sadly, gaming can bring out the worst in some people and that’s why being able to mute is so handy. No doubt Halo Infinite will have plenty of toxic members climbing the ranks, but let’s get rid of them.

To mute players in Halo Infinite, you have two options either to mute the specific player that is bothering you, or you can turn off voice chat altogether if you’d prefer that.

Below you can follow whichever instructions will suit you best:

How To Mute Individual Players

  • Press the Escape key if you’re on PC or the Start button on Xbox, whilst in game.
  • Then press the Tab key on PC or the Windows button on Xbox.
  • Select the player you wish to mute and click their name.
  • Lastly, press the mute option.

How To Disable Voice Chat

  • Either press F1 on PC or the Start button on Xbox, this will bring up Settings.
  • Enter the Audio tab then find Communication
  • Here you should have the option to turn on or off the Voice Chat, otherwise you can lower the volume if you’d prefer.
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