343 Developer Says Halo Infinite Will Not Contain Real-Money Loot Boxes

343 Developer Says Halo Infinite Will Not Contain Real-Money Loot Boxes

A member of 343 Industries clarified at least one element of how microtransactions could work within Halo Infinite.

We still know next-to-nothing about 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo Infinite but we do continue to get some smaller tidbits of news about the project every now and then.

Today’s nugget of Halo Infinite info comes by way of Chris Lee, who is the Studio Head FPS at 343 Industries. Lee responded to a fan’s comment on Twitter about Halo Infinite and the fact that it will contain microtransactions. Despite containing in-game purchases, Lee clarified that any extra money you spend within Infinite won’t ever go towards that of loot boxes.

“We’re still working through final plans and will share more when we are ready, but I can definitely say that Halo Infinite will not include real-money loot boxes,” Lee stated on Twitter. Of course, this means that loot boxes could still be in the game but you’d only ever purchase them with in-game currency rather than real money. Still, it’s an improvement over Halo 5: Guardians which did contain these real-money loot boxes in the form of REQ Packs, an element of the game that many disliked.

It’s also worth mentioning that as Lee said at first, 343 likely doesn’t have all of the details just yet about how microtransactions will function in the game. Again, we hardly know anything about Halo Infinite and its story or gameplay right now. It stands to reason that 343 is still likely figuring out a lot of things internally as well and they’ll share information when they have it with the public.

Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a release day but we know that it’ll be arriving on Xbox One and PC whenever it does launch. Hopefully, we can hear or see something more substantial about the project before the end of the year.