Halo Infinite Multiplayer Officially Confirmed to be Free-to-Play

Halo Infinite is officially confirmed to now feature a multiplayer game mode that is entirely free, to the surprise of many.

By Logan Moore

July 31, 2020

Earlier today, new rumors starting swirling that Halo Infinite’s upcoming multiplayer mode would be free-to-play for everyone and would also run at 120 frames-per-second. Well, while many rumors in the video game industry like this often get debunked, it turns out that this is instead absolutely true.

343 Industries took to the official Halo Twitter account this afternoon and confirmed that the multiplayer portion of Infinite will be absolutely free. Furthermore, it will run at 120fps on the next-gen Xbox Series X platform. This performance will likely be applicable to the PC platform, too. 343 then opted not to say anything further about this development and instead simply said that more information will be provided in the future.

Even though there’s still not much we know about Halo Infinite multiplayer (other than the fact that it will feature the franchise’s new grappling hook) this is a massive deal for the series. To make the premier franchise of Xbox Game Studios a free-to-play title, even to those who aren’t subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, is something that many probably would have never expected. It also potentially adds credence to the rumors that Microsoft itself might be looking to shutter Xbox Live Gold.

Obviously, though, the campaign itself will still apparently cost you a typical retail fee, although it hasn’t been disclosed just yet how much that might cost. And if the idea of paying a full retail value for a game that is only a campaign sounds like a ripoff, the fact that 343 will be expanding the single-player component of Halo Infinite over the years after it releases should ease those concerns a bit.

Halo Infinite is set to launch later this year alongside the release of the Xbox Series X and will also be coming to Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned within the coming weeks as we should start to see and hear a whole lot more about what the free-to-play model for Infinite entails.

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