Halo Infinite New Trailer Gameplay Revealed, Launching Holiday 2020 for New Xbox Console

Halo Infinite, first teased during last year's Microsoft E3 press conference, finally has a brand new trailer featuring gameplay and more.

After a year of waiting, Microsoft finally debuted a new gameplay trailer for their long awaited Halo Infinite, the next installment in the acclaimed Halo franchise. In another exciting reveal, Halo Infinite will be a launch title for the new Xbox console, code named Xbox Project Scarlet. The title will release Holiday 2020 for Xbox One and PC as well.

The trailer, known officially as “Discover Hope,” opens up with a pilot trapped in a spaceship with little power, watching an old hologram message of his family. He finds the iconic Master Chief floating in space and rescues him. There’s an incredibly cool (and most likely all in-game) sequence that occurs while Master Chief boots up his system, which is reminiscent of the first Halo.

We find out that everything has been lost while he slept and the trailer closes out with him ready to defend the ship from what we can assume are Prometheans. There’s also a moment at the very end featuring Cortana, the Chief’s AI and longtime partner. You can check out some new screenshots from the game as well:

Plenty more details dropped on the official site. For instance, Art Director Nicholas “Sparth” Bouvier put tons of details into the new design for Master Chief, which boasts the highest fidelity the dev team has ever created. You can also see examples of the attention to detail in the interior of the UNSC Pelican, the design of the pilot, and even down to the UNSC logo on his flight suit.

Infinite sees the debut of the new Music Supervisor, Joel Yarger, who composed music for major franchises like God of War, Uncharted, and other blockbuster video games. They also introduce Curtis Schweitzer, who composed all of the music in “Discover Hope” trailer and music for Halo Infinite.

Finally, according to the site, the universe will continue the continuity of Halo 5 and contain the adventures that led up to this moment. However, in the pursuit of the studio’s “spiritual reboot” and the launch of a new console, they also took care to make sure that this is a perfect starting point for new players too.

Halo Infinite was first announced during E3 2018 with details trickling down since then, such as 343’s Frank O’Connor discussing the multiplayer on Twitter, Chris Lee (Studio Head FPS at 343 Industries) clarifying how microtransactions will work, and a new piece of concept art.

343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross had previously spoken about the Slipspace engine that was built from the ground up for Halo Infinite. It was then decided that before work on Halo Infinite would begin, the Slipspace engine would be created to benefit not only developers but to expand the scope and future of Halo as a whole.

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