Halo Infinite Developers Push Back on Notion that Showtime TV Series Has Caused Development Issues

Despite recent reports, 343 says the delay of Halo Infinite had nothing to do with the ongoing work on the Halo television show that is in production.

By Logan Moore

August 20, 2020

Recently, we shared a report that indicated one such reason for the delay of Halo Infinite into 2021 could have come about as a result of internal distractions at 343 Industries that arose from the Halo TV series that is currently in the works at Showtime. Now, the studio itself is pushing back on that notion.

In a new message given to IGN from a representative at 343, it was said that the Halo television show has not had any impact on the development of Halo Infinite, or its recent delay. “343 Industries has a devoted transmedia team that is working with Showtime on the creation and production of the Halo TV show. This group is separate from the Halo Infinite development team,” the message from 343 said clearly. “These are two completely independent projects with dedicated teams and leadership that do not impact one another.”

343’s reasoning certainly makes sense in this situation. To be honest, I never really understood how the Halo TV show’s production could have impacted the development of Halo Infinite, given, as the statement above says, they’re two completely different products. And even if 343 internally is trying to juggle both projects at once, a studio of its stature should surely be able to do so.

The more likely reason for Infinite’s delay, and something that 343 didn’t push back against, comes in association with the game’s over-reliance on third-party contractors. The original report at the root of this whole story purports that communication and development pipelines have been a bit clogged given the number of outside contractors that have taken part in working on the game.

Whatever the actual reason for the delay is, let’s just hope that 343 now has more time to make the highly-anticipated shooter as good as it can be. For now, all we know is that Halo Infinite is set to launch sometime next year on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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