Halo Infinite Includes Recordings of the Inner Workings of Xbox Consoles

Prepare to hear a bunch of whirry noises.

It’s probably no secret by now that 343 Industries has been creating the sound effects for the upcoming Halo Infinite through weird ways.Through the power of foley, the sound artists have been showing some of the sounds they’re incorporating into the next-generation launch title. Remember that pug? Remember the weaponry?

In fact, you’ll probably recall that video showing the sound work going into Halo 3. During that video, it was revealed that to create some sounds, the sound team started smashing the original Xbox consoles with a hammer. It was brutal to watch. It seems 343 Industries are at it again, but rather than smashing the consoles up, they’re touching them and recording their internal workings.

Tweeted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, “We’re just weeks away from seeing Halo Infinite.” referencing the upcoming event that should give us a look at the game, the first time seeing anything since last year.

The video attached to the tweet shows off the sound team with microphones directly on the surface of the Xbox console and also the Xbox One console. You’ll find them turning the system on and recording the fans whirring away inside, and the disc drives opening and closing. The results are etheral and certainly fitting to the spacey world the game is set within. It’s also incredibly on-brand.

This video got me curious about whether I’d missed any other sound effect examples, and it turns out I have! An Instagram video, which is detailed to the be second to last video of the sort from the account, shows off how the team has recorded the explosion sound effects. An older video shows more explosions, but details that over 85 microphones were used for the recording. Additionally, there’s a video that shows the team using specialty microphones to capture weird sounds for vehicles.

Halo Infinite is to be launching this holiday to go alongside the Xbox Series X console. It will also be available on Xbox One and PC.

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