Halo Infinite Stucture May Differ from Past Entries, Hints Phil Spencer

Halo Infinite may bring about some sizable changes to the series says Xbox's Phil Spencer.

Despite being first revealed over two years ago, there’s still virtually nothing that we know about Halo Infinite. Outside of the two trailers for the game that debuted at E3 in 2018 and 2019, Microsoft and 343 Industries have remained relatively silent about the title. And while we’re slated to finally see more of the highly-anticipated shooter later this week during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase, Xbox’s Phil Spencer has now hinted that this entry might differ quite a bit from past installments.

In a new interview with Polygon, Spencer briefly talked about Halo Infinite and how the team at Xbox is very excited to have it launching alongside the Xbox Series X later in 2020. “But you know, we also have Halo. The last time we had Halo at the launch of a console was 2001. And we feel really good about Halo,” Spencer said plainly.

Even though Spencer didn’t say anything too specific about Infinite just yet, he did say that 343 Industries has learned a lot from its release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In turn, Spencer then hinted that the structure of Halo Infinite might very well be different from what fans have come to expect.

“I think as gaming has evolved, there’s a view of ‘Our customers are our customers and we should respect them where they are,’” Spencer said. “It’s similar to our Xbox message, and I think you’ll see that in terms of the way Infinite is talked about — even the structure of what the game is itself.”

While there’s not a lot to glean from Spencer’s comments specifically, the fact that Halo Infinite itself might be quite different from previous games in the series isn’t a huge shock. Based on what we’ve seen of Infinite so far, there have definitely been vibes that the title will be more open-ended this time around. The first trailer for the game that was shown back in 2018 seemed to showcase an open world of sorts that players might be able to traverse about. Furthermore, the key art for Halo Infinite sees Master Chief standing in front of a sprawling world. 343 Industries has yet to confirm any structural changes like this compared to what we may have seen in Halo 5, but there have definitely been indications that the series is moving in this direction.

Of course, if there are sweeping changes to Halo Infinite compared to what we’ve seen in the past from the franchise, we’ll be learning about it later this week. The Xbox Series X Games Showcase is set to transpire on Thursday, July 23, at 9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT.

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