Halo Infinite Teaser Released Prior to Next Month's Reveal

Halo Infinite has received a brief new teaser video in the form of an audio recording that seems to indicate a past antagonist from the series will be returning.

It has taken quite awhile to get to this point, but ahead of the planned July showing of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries released a new teaser video today for the upcoming installment in the long-running series.

The teaser video in question doesn’t contain any actual footage from Halo Infinite, but it does give us an idea as to where the story could be going. The video, which is a little over a minute long, features a voice recording from what seems to be Atriox, one of the primary characters from Halo Wars 2. Atriox is the leader of a group known as The Banished, which is outright mentioned at the end of this new teaser. The video concludes with the group’s symbol briefly appearing on screen before then coming to a close.

Again, there’s not a ton to make out from this new footage, but it does seem to provide us with some insight with where things could be going narratively. Based on previous footage we’ve seen of the game, it hasn’t been quite clear how long the story is picking up after the events of Halo 5: Guardians. Other details such as why Master Chief is found floating through space, as seen in Infinite’s E3 2019 trailer, haven’t been made clear, either. All we really know thus far is that Chief will seemingly be the main playable character once again and that the story will seemingly be taking place on a Halo ring, much like the original installment in the series.

Halo Infinite is still slated to launch at an undetermined date later this year alongside Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X platform. The game will also be releasing on the Xbox One and PC, too.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we should be hearing more about Microsoft’s planned July event shortly.

Logan Moore

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