Halo: Infinite - Will The Yonhet Be Part of the Covenant?

Who are the Yonhet? Here's everything you need to know about the newest Halo aliens.

March 12, 2021

As Halo Infinite draws ever closer (at least, I hope–there’s still no set release date) 343 Industries keeps giving us more glimpses. Today it was the Yonhet.

After Microsoft made the smart decision to delay Halo Infinite into this year, they have been working on ways to keep the game in people’s heads.

Through social media posts, community updates, and putting Master Chief in Fortnite, Microsoft is definitely moving in the right direction in terms of reminding people that the game exists.

Today, the official Halo Twitter account posted an image of the Yonhet. So here’s everything you need to know about the alien race in the Halo universe.



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Who are the Yonhet?

The Yonhet are one of the more obscure alien races in the Halo universe. First introduced in issue #11 of the comic Halo: Escalation, the Yonhet have not had a lot of screen time. In fact, if you’ve only played the games, you might not even know they exist at all, as they’ve only been briefly mentioned in Halo 5.

Originating in a small moon on the far borders of the Covenant Empire, the Yonhet are primarily known for relic hunting. Despite their interest in Forerunner relics, they aren’t considered to be militarily viable by the Covenant so they’ve never been a part of their wider army in any combat setting.

Will the Yonhet be a part of the Covenant in Halo Infinite?

It’s hard to tell just what role exactly the Yonhet will have in Halo Infinite, as there’s still not a whole lot we know about them. That may be intentional so we can be surprised in Infinite, but as mentioned above, the Covenant has never seen them as having any sort of military prowess so it’s hard to imagine that recruitment would start now.

As each entry in the Halo franchise seems to continue focusing on the Forerunners, I wouldn’t count the Yonhet out of Halo Infinite just because the Covenant doesn’t want them. They might show up as an unaffiliated third party looking for Forerunner relics on their own.

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