Halo: Reach Best Buy Theater NYC Launch Recap

In celebration of the Halo: Reach launch, the Best Buy Theater in New York City hosted a huge midnight release party. A line that wrapped around the block started forming Saturday evening, and fans were finally piling in yesterday at 10pm. Inside, attendees got to meet Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson, hang out with the Bungie team, and enjoy some good food, drinks and gaming, too. There was also a performance by singer/rapper/actor Kid Cudi that didn’t go exactly as planned, but eventually happened.

Waiting since 5pm Saturday (that’s right, over 50 hours of waiting), Leomar Cespedes and Delio Gautreaux lead the line of hundreds to be the first to enter the Halo: Reach party. They both endured fatigue, hunger, and even two days of rain just to be the first to experience Halo: Reach on September 13, 2010. The two 19-year old fans dedicated so much to be the first on line, because they both felt that “Halo games are the best.”

From 10pm up until the midnight launch, fans were able to take on Bungie team members in various Halo: Reach games and gametypes. If you were at the party, chances are you met one of the Bungie team members. Bungie people were walking around and hanging out with everybody. Fans were able to walk up to anyone with a Bungie T-shirt and get what they wanted signed.

To top everything off, Kid Cudi was set to perform at 11pm, but due to some scheduling issues…just watch…

After being treated to a party full of free food, drinks and swag, gamers are shown to be the most ungrateful bunch. I almost feel sorry for Major Nelson. Kid Cudi eventually did perform, and gamers went home with their copy of Halo: Reach. Now who is ready to get their matchmaking on?

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