Halo: Reach Beta Logs Over a Million Players on First Day

on May 6, 2010 12:00 PM

Halo: Reach Beta Logs Over a Million Players on First Day

Surprised? Not one bit. Even before Halo: Reach’s actual release, Bungie is already looking at some good numbers as over one million Halo fanatics logged in – as per Bungie.net – on the first day to experience the developer’s newest installment in the franchise. And, I must say, the game is pretty orgasmic.

If you guys want to get “technical” with numbers – as, for whatever reason, some Halo fans get chubbies throwing them around – the beta saw 1,170,112 total players, all who managed to lunge, spring (which are two new “abilities” introduced to the game), stick grenades, and penetrate rectums with the Energy swords. Oh, and the best part about this, folks, is that if you’re an original Halo fan (as I am), you’ll be excited to know that the pistol is back, finally. Experiencing this first-hand brought tears of joy to my beady eyes, and a smile and nod of complete satisfaction as I began my ingenious smack-talk and consistent hand-outs of ass-kicking.

Note to Halo fans: The jet pack thingie they’ve introduced in Reach will, without a doubt, become one of the most annoying features in this game. Prepare yourself for a feast of rocket-flying bastards.

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