Halo Season 1 Ending Explained - Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

The first season has come to an end.

May 19, 2022

Paramount Plus’ Halo delivered a powerful final episode for the first season. The ninth episode was definitely one of the most action-packed episodes of the season. However, season 1 didn’t exactly give us a happy ending, as we’ve seen some major characters meet their demise.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 9 of Halo Season 1.

The final episode of Halo season picks up right where the last episode left off. John wakes up only to find out that Makee has taken the second artifact to the Covenant’s holy planet. Similar to Kai and John, the remaining two members of the Silver Team learn the truth about Halsey. So, instead of fighting with each other, they focus on bringing the artifacts back to the UNSC. John, on the other hand, also wants to bring Makee home. Thanks to Cortana’s help, John finds the location of the planet where the Covenant is holding the artifact.


At this point, we learn that the Covenant is no better than the UNSC. It turns out that they are only using Makee to trigger the artifacts, and they want Makee to burn with her own species when everything is done. Nevertheless, the Silver team reaches the alien planet and gives us some spectacular first-person shooter action.

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Makee, back in her fancy dress, watches John getting beaten up during the fight. So, she decides to touch the artifact, which transfers her and John’s consciousness back to the Sacred Ring. The Silver team gets overwhelmed fighting the Covenant, and Kai realizes that they need Master Chief back in the battle. So, she does what the UNSC always wanted to do, and she shoots Makee. John comes back to the real world and watches Makee lying dead on the ground.

Halo Season 1 Ends With John and Makee’s Demise

Master Chief realizes that he needs to decide between saving his team or getting the artifact to the ship. If he touches the artifact, he will go back into the trance state, so he obviously can’t do that if he wishes to save his team. So, John makes a surprising choice; he puts down his weapon and asks Cortana to take over his body. He decides to sacrifice his life and gives his final instruction to Cortana, “Find the Halo. Win the War.”

Cortana asks John to stop, as she isn’t sure if she can bring back John once he is gone. However, John goes ahead with his plan and takes a deadly blow from the Covenant’s warrior. After this, we see Cortana taking over John’s body, and she instantly grabs the artifact without triggering its power. So, this clears up that John, in fact, is dead at this point.

Cortana previously confirmed that she was designed to take control of John’s body, but she didn’t do it because that would erase John’s consciousness. So, she wouldn’t have done it in the final episode if John was still alive at the point. At the end, when Kai asks if it’s John under that suit, Master Chief doesn’t reply to that question. That said, Cortana has already proved that she wants John to survive, so it’s safe to assume that she will find a way to bring back John. However, we’ll have to wait for season 2 to find out if and how Cortana plans on doing that.

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