Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics Released on Steam Early Access

Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics Released on Steam Early Access

Hi-Rez Studios just released its free-to-play turn-based strategy card game Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics on Steam Early Access.

Hi-Rez Studios announced today that its turn-based card games Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics launched for PC as part of Steam’s Early Access program.

The game allows players to build an army from a roster of gods and mythological creatures, and then take part in competitive multiplayer or single player adventures.

The open beta was previously available for PC outside of Steam, while a closed alpha test is ongoing on PS4 and Xbox One. The release on Steam comes right after the implementation of a sizable patch including several additional features like clans and a deck tracker.

Lead Designer Scott Lussier accompanied the press release with a statement:

“In conjunction with our community, we’ve implemented several requested features, and expanded upon the core experience that players enjoy every time they log in. Bringing Hand of the Gods to Steam is a major step for us, and we’re excited for new players to discover their personal playstyle.”

Executive Producer Scott Zier also commented:

“Hand of the Gods has already attracted a passionate following, and we look forward to more players downloading Hand of the Gods for free through Steam. We’ve seen a variety of strategies emerge from the content we’ve released so far, and we are excited to see how players will use the new cards we are thinking up.”

With the launch on Steam, Hi-Rez also introduced a new Starter Pack including a collection of 7 core packs and a skin for Ra. A seventh pantheon (Hindu) will introduced soon, led by Ganesha.

You can see a trailer below, and find the game on Steam. If you want to get a quicker start on your deck, you can also grab a free code for a Chinese Starter Pack with our giveaway.