Special Invite for The Saboteur Hands-On Demo at PAX

Special Invite for The Saboteur Hands-On Demo at PAX

Unfortunately we won’t be at Penny Arcade Expo this year, but we got perhaps one of the coolest invites from Pandemic/EA to get hands-on with The Saboteur at PAX. We received a vintage 1941 Replica Zippo lighter with the engraving “Morini” on it. Along with the Zippo came a letter that read:

It has been brought to our attention that you are not yet a member of the Resistance. We request a meeting with you during this year’s Penny Arcade Expo so that we may give you a special preview and hands-on demo of The Saboteur with Lead Designer Tom French. If you would like to accept our invitation and join the Resistance, bring this letter or special Zippo carried by only the underground to prove you have been contacted, We look forward to sharing our latest developments with you.


The Saboteur Zippo and letter

This is pretty damn innovative, bring this letter or the 1941 Replica lighter and you get to play with the Lead Designer!

If your at PAX make sure to drop by the EA Booth #432. Vive la Vengeance!

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  1. PJ says:

    That is pretty awesome.