Hands-On: Inversion and Its Low Gravity Co-op

So who wants to play with gravity? You, me and every gamer around, that’s who! Welcome to Inversion where you get to mix in the ability to manipulate High and Low gravity within a solid third person shooter. Think Gears of War meets Bulletstorm.

We had a chance to sit down and see Inversion’s co-op mode for the first time, which is available online, split screen and via system link. The story revolves around two cops, Russell and Del Gado, who are fighting their way through bad guys while making them hurt via gravity effects they produce form their Gravlinks. Sound odd? Kind of but it works well.

We set off into the world and quickly encountered a few different ways we could use our gravity powers. Unfortunately we only saw low gravity abilities in the co-op build but we did hear about the crushing effects of high gravity. You can actually lock a player into one spot in multiplayer using high gravity or even crush an AI enemy. Using low gravity you can pop people out of cover using the Gravlink, then grab them after you make them float and send them flying, perform an instant kill, or shoot them in the face. Yes, the AI is still active and alive, even when floating.

Some other cool things you can do with your low gravity powers is pop up ammo that may be at a great distance and lasso them over to you, so you never have to leave cover or can access guns and ammo in an area you may not be able to walk over to. Low gravity gives the ability to not only make objects float but also some of their contents. For example, in the level we played there was an oil barrel that allowed you to manipulate the oil and send it hurling at enemies like a Molotov. In co-op there was not much you could really do together but there is strategy in getting enemies out of cover or helping one another not get pinned down.

There was even a portion of the build where a change in view occurred by jumping onto a conduit that performs a vector shift and changes gravity. Pretty much what was up is now down and you end up standing on the ceiling. This is a very cool effect and I look forward to seeing how these changes in gravity play into the overall game mechanics, other than just shifting the action to different planes. Your gravity abilities can be upgraded by defeating bosses and picking up their more powerful Gravlink units. The stronger your ability, the more devastating you can wield gravity.

There were quite a few destructible environment objects to play with, and we were even told that in certain instances entire buildings could be destroyed, but not all of course, as that would be a design nightmare. Aside from the co-op we got our hands on there is also support for 16 player online multiplayer.

We look forward to seeing more of Inversion and messing with gravity, this title has already changed quite a bit from what we saw at E3 earlier this year and looks to be a very solid third person shooter with a twist. Inversion is slated to launch February of 2012 so expect some more announcements shortly.

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Al Zamora

Al has been gaming as long as he can remember and will continue to game until his fingers break off or video games cease to exist. A New York native born and raised he crashed into the gaming journalism scene in 2006. Since then he has become the on air personality for DSTV and loves every second of cursing while interviewing developers about serious topics. Aside from being a gamer he also has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering that does not help in the gaming world but does provide for fun stories when people say "what?".Favorite games: Contra (NES), Mega Man II (NES) and Final Fantasy III (SNES)

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