Hands-On Preview: Nosgoth

Hands-On Preview: Nosgoth

When Nosgoth was first announced, the vampire community was overjoyed with the news that they were returning to the world the Legacy of Kain series took place in. As a free-to-play competitive action game, players can now choose to play as the vicious Vampires or the scrappy humans.

This time around Vampires and Humans still can’t seem to work out their differences. The two factions aren’t palette swapped doppelgangers, which was my initial thought. Vampires can climb, fly and Dracula their way cross the map. They have massive claws that do incredible damage in close quarters.

Humans fall into a more archetypal shooter classes. The trick to playing Humans is sticking together and creating as much distance as possible from the blood suckers. They also aren’t completely defenseless. Unlike the Vamps who only use their claws, Humans are ranged fighters whose weaponry can hold their own against the vastly overpowered undead. Bolas can restrict the agile vampire’s movement and make them vulnerable to the Human’s shotguns, pistols and flamethrower classes.

I decided to play the flying vampire class, the Sentinel. My job was to harass the opposition with extreme prejudice and oh boy, did I harass. One of main Sentinel skills was the ability to snatch a Human and drop’em from the night sky. My ideal victim was someone at half-health and preferably occupied fighting someone else. As we romantically ascended to fatal heights, I then release the poor fool to an airy fate. I was able to get away with this tactic for a little while until the Humans decided to take the rest of the fight indoors.

With flight now useless, I traded in my the Sentinel’s wings for the Reaver’s springboard legs. The Reaver is a down and dirty melee fighter who leaps and takes down his prey. When the Humans retreated indoors, my lunge attack did a good job of separating the pack of Humans for our Tyrant, a tank essentially, to finish them off.

My biggest concerned is that the Human side seems like its a bit harder to play, tactics wise. While the Humans have a more traditional third person shooter flavor to them, they must contend with enemies that could literally come from everywhere. Lone wolfing as a human seems like a nightmare considering the Tyrant vampires are massive bullet sponges. Balance concerns aside, I couldn’t wait to do another match and feed on people. Oh yeah, Vampires can feed on down Humans for health. It’s a nice touch to add a little salt to the wound.

The final version of Nosgoth will include tons of downloadable skins to personalize your combatant. Some skins will be inspire by previous games in the Legacy of Kain series. Nosgoth is something different in a crowded free-to-play market, and seems capable of winning over gamers’ hearts.