Happy Birthday Lee M. Carmona, Jr.!

on September 8, 2009 12:31 PM

DualShockers would love to wish my best-friend’s son, Lee Michael Carmona, Jr., a happy birthday today and let his little butt know that I love him dearly! ¬†Lee Jr. is already an avid gamer; his father, my best-friend, was once a renown national Halo player in tournaments and probably one of the very few people that I know with hysterical manurisms. That, and a crap load of quirks that would have your stomach churning from his spontaneous outbursts while gaming. ¬†Apparently, his Master Chief fanaticism migrated over to his son. How do I know? Before the kid turned one, he was already holding the monstrous 360 controller with his Kung-fu grip whilst wearing his father’s over-sized, expensive Turtlebeach headset – all while smiling to himsel as f this happened. He has a Master Chief plush toy as well as a mobile of 360 controllers over his baby crib, and a rattle that has the Chief’s huge helmet filled with beans and what not. Ok, I don’t know about the last parts, but the kid was born to be a gamer.

This is DualShockers and myself wishing you, Little Lee, a very happy birthday. It’s your first year with many to come, little man.

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