Tekken Producer Reacts to Criticism on Eliza’s Inflating Breasts: “Get a Life;” Calls Out Narrow Views

Tekken Producer Reacts to Criticism on Eliza’s Inflating Breasts: “Get a Life;” Calls Out Narrow Views

Legendary Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada responded today to the criticism moved by some to the fact that new Tekken Revolution‘s character Eliza inflates her breast size once she drinks an opponent’s blood, and his response was, as usual, not very politically correct and straight to the point.

First of all, he explained what the “phenomenon” actually is.


Harada1Then he gave a longer response, stating that he hasn’t decided if Eliza will appear in future Tekken games, but he doesn’t accept the criticism because she was voted by the community. Tekken is supported in many countries and cultures and players expressing opinions without reasonable arguments are showing narrow views.

Not decide yet. I think Eliza is test case, Because Eliza is VOTE by PLAYERS for Revolution campaign.
and…At present, I do not accept the reaction of the player about her, Because She was elected by the player.
In this case, It is meaningless to express an opinion only to me.
I expect the argument in player communities more.
I think that this becomes a very interesting test case.
If someone says “My opinion is right!” or “Tekken should be ….. “, I think this person has a simply narrow view.
TEKKEN is supported in much countries and culture.
I expect the reasonable argument by a player about player vote.

Then he complained that people see only what they want to see, but it’s ok because no one is perfect.

Harada2He continued by asking another user if he played her already, and basically told him to “get a life”, because he’s jumping the gun without actually trying the character.

It seems that you were not hearing my talk. and DID YOU PLAY HER ALREADY?
Did you come from the future? The SYSTEM which you imagined is wrong.
Get a life, and see you in the future = thank you for jump the gun. @EternalDragon28

He then told to the same player that the mechanics he imagined are actually wrong, so there might be more to Eliza’s breasts than meets the eye.



Finally, he gave us a glimpse on how one can cope with the fact that he can’t satisfy everyone.

Harada4Maybe we should just play Eliza when she’ll be available and then judge. At least for the sake of Harada-san’s liver…