2D Scrolling Action Game Hardcore Mecha Reveals Single-Player Campaign in New Trailer

2D scrolling action game Hardcore Mecha illustrates its single-player campaign and cool animations in a new trailer.

By Iyane Agossah

March 7, 2019

Indie Game developer RocketPunch Games revealed today a new full-length trailer for Hardcore Mecha. The trailer introduces the single-player campaign, showing some boss fights and animated cutscenes. New features such as interchangeable weapons are introduced as well.

While the game’s multiplayer mode was shown in the past, this is the first time we’ve seen the single-player campaign in action. Back when I first heard the name Hardcore Mecha, I almost burst out laughing for how blunt of a title it is. 2D scrolling mecha games like that are really rare nowadays so it’s hard not to get excited. Anyone who knows mecha games a bit will realize the game is heavily inspired from games such as Cybernator/Assault Suit Valken and Super Robot Wars’ cutins aspect. However, the good thing is that Hardcore Mecha definitely tries to be is own thing rather than blindly copy its idols, so I’m really looking forward to how the game will turn out.

Hardcore Mecha used to be known as Code: Hardcore when it was first revealed through its Kickstarter a bit more than two years ago. Back then, our ex-writer Guiseppe had interviewed RocketPunch Games as well, and the interview is still pretty pertinent to this day and clearly shows how passionate the team behind the game is. More gameplay was later shown in 2018 at ChinaJoy. 

You can find the new trailer below. You should follow RocketPunch games on Twitter for more updates. Hardcore Mecha has no release date estimate for now and will be “coming soon” on PS4 and PC, so it’s unsure how much longer we’ll have to wait before enjoying its good old 2D hardcore mecha action.

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