Hardcore Mecha is Releasing on PC via Steam This June

2D Scrolling Action Game Hardcore Mecha will finally be in our hands on June 27.

May 30, 2019

Hardcore Mecha, the indie game with possibly the most straightforward title ever, is finally launching on June 27. The game will be available worldwide on Steam. The release date was announced on May 30 by Arc System Works, who publishes Hardcore Mecha in Japan, Korea, and South East Asia. The game was also announced for PS4 in these territories, launching the same day.

Developed by Beijing based indie developers RocketPunch Games, Hardcore Mecha was first announced a few years ago under the project code name Code: Hardcore. The game, which was funded via Kickstarter, left quite an impression at Tokyo Game Show 2016, winning the indie awards of 4Gamer, Dengeki PlayStation, and DualShockers. We’ve interviewed its Director Louiky Mu back then as well.


RocketPunch Games also announced on Twitter that Hardcore Mecha‘s Steam page will be live soon.

I personally cannot wait to try out Hardcore Mecha, being a fan of giant robots myself. I was initially quite skeptical of the game, but the various gameplay footage convinced me it’s definitely its own thing, rather than simply inspiring itself from popular mecha games. It’s hard to explain but my feelings toward it are quite similar to Franco-Japanese anime produced in the eighties such as Ulysses 31. The game will feature a single player story mode and both a split-screen multiplayer mode and online multiplayer.

Iyane Agossah

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