Hardware Delays Could Sabotage Next-Gen Consoles

on December 30, 2012 8:28 PM

Amkor Technology is a company you’ve probably never heard of, but could become a reviled name in the gaming industry very quickly. While it seems obvious that Sony and Microsoft would be targeting Christmas 2013 for the release of their next-gen consoles, Amkor’s charts may show a problem with that. Below are two charts, one from 2011 and the other recent showing when critical AMD chipsets will be available for production. Given that both Microsoft and Sony have signalled that they were looking to use AMD components, and that Amkor is one of the largest suppliers, this could seriously gum up the works.

If this news does impact the consoles then we can expect both giants to upend their supply chains to make something work. If one console makes it to shelves next Christmas and the other does not it will be a dramatic victory in both sales and public perception. The race for console dominance has never been closer and Valve is poised to enter the arena as a new competitor. Hopefully since neither console has entered production yet there is still time to change things around if necessary.

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