Hardware in Japan Did A-OK in 2011 and Nintendo Led the Pack

on January 5, 2012 4:30 PM

The PlayStation Vita may not be off to a strong start in the Land of the Rising Sun, some retailers going so far as offering a discount of up to 20 percent to move units. But overall console sales were up 2.4 percent over 2010 and Nintendo’s 3DS sold more units than any other system with more than 4 million passing the registers.

Strong sales of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 helped the system, with each game moving more than 1 million units. But overall software sales were down by about 14 percent from 2010 and games are where your favorite companies make their money; Total revenues for the Japanese games industry fell 8 percent for the year.

Click past the jump to see how consoles fared in Japan.

Nintendo 3DS: 4,135,739
PSP: 1,960,177 (18,237,108 lifetime)
PlayStation 3: 1,467,261 (7,417,148 lifetime)
Wii: 937,451 (12,167,743 lifetime)
Nintendo DS: 711,204 (32,835,502 lifetime)
PlayStation Vita: 402,794
Xbox 360: 114,075 (1,520,738 lifetime)

Is it too early to call the Vita dead in the water? Yes. Remember, the handheld hasn’t been out for a month in one territory and the library is still developing. Also, take a look at which brand took the second and third spots in the hardware chart. It seems as if Sony just needs a bit more traction to get cooking with the Vita. An $80 price cut and the promise of 20 free classic games probably wouldn’t hurt, either.


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