Hardware: Rivals Receives Free Map and Capture the Flag Mode

May 14, 2016

Some free new features have been added to Hardware: Rivals on PlayStation 4. First up, a new map named Bushpig Plateau has been added to competitive multiplayer.

In a land that time forgot, atop a hollow mountain where nature is king and mankind fears to tread, the silence of centuries will be shattered by the screech of metal-on-metal as tanks and F.A.V.s go head to head in another round of all-out vehicular combat.

The map is an open battlefield covered with sparse rocks and trees. There is also an network of caves and a large waterfall. Watch out as vehicles can also fall off the plateau or into the rapids for instant death.

The classic multiplayer mode Capture the Flag has also been added, with two teams, limitless kills, and the flag slows the player vehicle down.

Developer Connected Content Group has also provided some teaser images for vehicle add-ons you can purchase with Salvage Points. You can view them in the image gallery below:

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