Hardware Rivals Update 1.05 Is Live; Includes Tweaks to Matchmaking and Fixes to Some Errors

Hardware: Rivals just released a couple of days ago, and it’s getting an update already.

Update 1.05 released without its patch notes, so some players went over to PlayStation’s Forums to ask for it, since the update’s size is around 3.3GB. According to CptWrench, it includes “fixes for a couple of problems that were causing crashes and preventing players from staying in rounds, as well as more tweaks to matchmaking. There are also several other fixes and optimisations we put into it.”

He continued to explain that the size of the patch is because they wanted to roll it out this weekend.

“That said, ultimately the size of the patch is down to us making a call to get the patch out for this weekend, which meant that it unfortunately ended up bigger than we would have liked. We’re doing our best to ensure future patches are smaller downloads.”

“We’re keeping an eye on everything at the moment and will be rolling out new content and events very soon, so keep an eye out for more details here and on the Blog.”

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